(20.5") Wide SWAG Finger Brake Heavy Duty DIY Builder Kit
(20.5") Wide SWAG Finger Brake Heavy Duty DIY Builder Kit
(20.5") Wide SWAG Finger Brake Heavy Duty DIY Builder Kit
(20.5") Wide SWAG Finger Brake Heavy Duty DIY Builder Kit

(20.5") Wide SWAG Finger Brake Heavy Duty DIY Builder Kit

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20.5" Wide Heavy Duty Finger Brake Press DIY Builder Kit

This brake is exactly like the 20 ton HD finger brake, just ~2" narrower. A majority of our international customers have hydraulic presses that are 20.5" wide between the inside frame rails, hence this 20.5" wide version.

Please note: The pictures shown above with the Harbor Freight Press are for example only, We do not have an imported 20.5" wide press at this time.

The press Brake kit comes un-assembled, you do the final assembly and welding. Designed to fit any press brake that has in inside width between the frame rails of 20.5" wide or wider. Press brake kit includes an adjustable back stop for accurate and repeatable bends.

The top clamping bar is machined out of 4140 material and includes 4 segmented removable sections. 1", 3", 4" and 9.5" long pieces. These segmented blocks can be removed and rearranged to allow bending of restricted areas on a piece of sheet metal or on an already partially formed pieces.


The heavy duty press brake kit has the same quality construction and number of components as the standard press brake kit, however the differences are as follows. The bottom formed channel on the HD press brake kit is cut out of high strength 3/8" thick steel and the bottom "V" die of has a total width of 3.75" wide x 1/4" thick to allow for easier bending of thicker material.

  • Max Bending Radius (deg.) 110
  • Max Bending Capacity 5/8" plate
  • Max Bending Width 17.875"
  • Total width of the brake is 20.5" wide

Tools required for assembly: welder, grinder, level, small square.

It Is capable of bending mild steel in the following length and thickness.

  • 17.875" = Full bending width of the bottom die on anything 3/16" or thinner.
  • 15" in 1/4"
  • 13" in 5/16"
  • 11" in 3/8"
  • 6" in 1/2"
  • 3" in 5/8"
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NOTE: Shop Press and Bottle Jack are NOT Included

The 20.5" wide HD finger press makes a great addition to the arbor press plates we sell HERE, as well as the Flat Top assembly shown HERE.





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