SWAG 30" Press Brake DIY Builder Kit
Part Number: 30PB

SWAG 30" Press Brake DIY Builder Kit

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30" Press Brake DIY Builder Kit, With Adjustable Back Stop

Press brake kit comes un-assembled, you do the final assembly and welding.

You asked for it ... & here it is.

Constructed out of high strength 3/8" steel with a 1.0" x 4.0" thick top die and 3.0" wide bottom die.

This 30" Press Brake Kit will bend steel and aluminum up to 30" wide and is designed to fit in hydraulic presses that are at least 33" wide between the vertical beams, however it can easily be cut down or modified to accommodate smaller presses. It fits perfectly in a Harbor Freight 50 Ton press. It will also work with the Sunex 50 Ton, Grizzly 50 Ton and the Dake 25 Ton. The internal diameter of the supplied shaft collar is 2.5", if your press has a smaller diameter ram head, alternative sizes can be found on Amazon or Zoro.

PLEASE NOTE: You may need to loosen the wench cables in order to place your finger brake into your press depending on which model press you will be using.

The max bending width and thicknesses are determined upon your hydraulic press and thus actual numbers are dependent upon your individual application. But, with ample tonnage and proper support this brake will bend up to 1/8" of A-36 steel full width and much thicker material in smaller widths.


Tools required for assembly: Welder, grinder, level, small square.