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SWAG Tube Lube

Rolling (and bending) tube is hard work. Protect your dies and your material with our new tube lube.

BEND-ALL 006 is an extreme duty synthetic lubricant formulated to lubricate draw bending operations on tube and pipe. It forms a high strength boundary film and provides extreme pressure lubrication between your dies and tube. This lubricant will not slump or run off the dies even under high temperatures. It was developed for specifically for rolling, bending, and end-forming operations on steel, stainless steel, aluminized, titanium, inconel, and aluminum tubing.

  • Has No Hazardous Ingredients
  • Contains No Petroleum Oil
  • Does Not Contain Chlorine or Sulfur
  • Spreads Evenly and Does Not Run From High Temperatures
  • Can Be Welded Through Without Cleaning
  • Is Environmentally and Operator Friendly